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Hello there! First of all I would like to invite you to view the website for my personal project Prone Grove, an animated series currently in pre production!

Now, a little about me:

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Curtis Rioux first studied traditional and digital animation under industry professionals from companies that included Warner Brothers and Disney.  After graduating with honors, he worked for six years within the video game industry, performing Animation and Art direction for companies and distributors like Ubisoft and Big Fish Games.  Curtis created a multitude of games for consoles including Nintendo Wii and DS, hand-held devices such as Apple and Android as well as PC and Mac.  Among his clients?  Rocker Gene Simmons, and, members of the Archies franchise.
Recently, Curtis has returned to his roots in traditional and digital animation marshaling his creative energy and releasing products for Netflix, Television, and Online entertainment with Canadian companies Loogaroo, Cartoon Conrad and Little Blackstone.
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